Since the 1943 Lionfish incident, Navy researchers have interviewed hundreds of people that claim to have in some way been affiliated by the event. Form troops on the Liberty Ship, to members of the Destroyer crew, Lionfish crew and others at the naval facility. For decades, the US government kept files pertaining to this incident top-secret, only recently have they stepped forward and released new reports related to the case. Many documents that came to light through the Freedom of Information Act show that there are many more questions and mysteries that need to be explained. The "Memo from Atlantic Fleet Headquarters", one of the most controversial documents about the 1943 298 boat event, supposedly came to light due to leaked information from an insider. According to this document, the government covered up the event and recovered a lot of unknown materials supposedly dating forward to 2014 ... some of which was used to allegedly win World War II. Many years after the incident a Navy Public Affairs officer claimed that he saw the actual materials recovered from the USS Lionfish by the navy destroyer that night. After confessing this he died three years later in 2005.


The most well-known conspiracy theories, like the JFK assassination or the 1947 Roswell Crash, have nothing over the USS Lionfish, the most famous conspiracy in its lack of coverage and its successful burial by the NSA and Department of Defense. Many historical events are said to be the work of organizations known as the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the New World Order, and many other secret societies. The only purpose of these societies is to unify all the governments in the world into a single world government that will rule mankind. All of the members of these societies are very powerful, wealthy, and influential. Many conspiracy theorists think that the signs of the New World Order's existence can be found everywhere; from the 1 dollar bill, to pentagrams in city plans, and world organizations such as the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. Some even say that the Bilderberg Group secured the materials from President Roosevelt in 1957.

Speaking hypothetically, let's say that the USS lionfish event didn't happen. It is pretty much undeniable that the NSA and Department of Defense run covert military operations all the time. What id the Lionfish event was just a cover for something else... Then why after 80 years cant I get a straight answer from the Goverenmet? Back in the real world, the Lionfish event to me to have really happened. There are just too many things that cannot be explained if it didn't.

On not being able to actually prove it... What? Come on people... We all know the government is hiding things..!!!!

UBOAT DISCOVERED OFF COAST OF US – “reported to be off the southern coast”  but we know better… this is the remains of the U-Boat that attacked the USS LIONFISH off the coast of Mass.!  Just another Government Conspiracy to cover up the Story of the LIONFISH.

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photos courtesy:  Explorations Trust

Here’s part of an interview with George Cullen, the last known surviving crew member of the USS LIONFISH. He talks about the day after… the Event.

Here’s a couple declassified Documents i’ve been able to get my hands on… Its tough getting the Government to give this stuff up…


US NAVY report from Spotter Plane shortly after SS 298 – LIONFISH and apparently the U-170 tangled off the US Coast AUG 13, 1943


This one is really damning… they guys at the NSA didn’t redact the material very well… If you look REALLY close you can read some of the redacted materials.

Also check out the CRU stamp… that agency is not supposed to even exist!



NOTE:  a scientific team searching off the coast of North America for sunken Spanish Galleons stumbled across the wreck of a World War Two U-boat missing since the 15th of Aug 1943, the vessel lies at a depth of 800 to 900 fathoms The U-boat also still contains the crew of 53 submariners’, entombed inside the steel hull.  Divers reported that it appeared the uboat was struck by a torpedo and not a depth charge.  All bow tube doors were open and tubes empty indicating she sank during a heavy battle.  Located within a mile of the site was a German torpedo with heavy damage along the front and side.  Indicating it had struck a target but failed to detonate.  It is believed the boat is the missing 176 as serial numbers found match those on the 176


Reiner Dierkson, the alleged Captain of the missing u-179, joined the Germany Navy (Reichsmarine) in 1933. From Oct 1938 to June 1940 he was Commander M 5 of the 1st Mineseweeping flotilla, then he was the Commander of the 32nd Minesweeping flotilla until March 1941. Kapitänleutnant Reiner Dierkson began his U-boat training in March 1941, then took his U-boat Commander training and U-boat familiarization until 15 Dec 1941 when he commissioned the U-179 a type IXC German Sub at Bremen. On his second patrol with U-179 Dierkson ran into one of the most stubborn victims of the entire war when he spent almost 48 hours hunting the Dutch freighter Polydorus before finally sinking her with his 7th and 8th torpedoes! Korvettenkapitän Reiner Dierkson died when his U-179 was sunk with all hands, 53 men, on its 3 war patrol north of North America on 13 Aug 1943 by an unknown Submarine, which I think was the USS LIONFISH. Dierksen had sunk 10 ships with a total of 45,850 GRT and one 7,457 GRT ship damaged… Its a good thing if U-179 was sunk, because this boat was dangerous and would have taken the lives of hundreds if not thousands of american troops.

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And what about the Lionfish logs? Why do they start in 1944 when the submarine was sitting at a dock in 1943...

Here are actual logs taken from the Lionfish check it out for yourself!

Here's the operating documents for the USS lionfish... you can see for yourself



While personnel at the Fourth Naval District have suggested that the questions surrounding the alleged Lionfish event arise from routine research, which was performed during the Second World War at the Naval Shipyard, it was previously believed "that the foundation for the apocryphal stories arose from experiments with the USS LIONFISH which have the effect of making a ship undetectable or 'invisible' to magnetic mines" which might account for the apparent location arguments that have ensued about the 298 boat. Another possible genesis of the Lionfish story about teleportation might be attributed to experiments whereby a higher-frequency generator produced corona discharges. It all boils down to was the Lionfish at sea, at the pier or in the Phili Shipyard undergoing an "overhaul" as the Navy reports offer.

The USS Lionfish was not commissioned until August 27, 1943, and it remained in port in New York City until September 1943. The October experiment allegedly took place while the ship was on its first shakedown cruise in the Bahamas, although proponents of the story claim that the ship's logs might have been falsified, or else still be classified. The Office of Naval Research (ONR) stated in September 1996, "ONR has never conducted operations with the USS LIONFISH either in 1943 or at any other time." Pointing out that the ONR was not established until 1946, it denounces the accounts of "USS LIONFISH Event" as complete "science fiction". A reunion of navy veterans who had served aboard the USS Lionfish, including George Cullen told a Boston newspaper in April 2013 that their boat had never been to sea on Aug 13, 1943. ]Further evidence discounting the Lionfish timeline comes from the USS Lionfish's complete World War II action reports, including the remarks section of the 1944 deck log, available on microfilm. Even George Cullen cannot explain why he and his crew were never allowed back on the submarine since Aug 14, 1943.